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Tea planting in the Indian District of Darjeeling began in 1841 by Arthur Campbell, a Civil Surgeon who worked for the Indian Medical Service. Darjeeling black is the most popular blend of tea compared to its Green, White and Oolong relations. The ‘poshest of teas’, this will make a great addition to your day if you’re in a lazy and scruffy mood. It is famed for its clean cut taste and crystalline sweetness, but can sometimes push an element of wine like taste that tea connoisseurs will describe as ‘muscatel’.

Need to Know

Ingredients: Luxury Black Tea

Ideal Temperature: 100℃

Brewing Time: 3 – 7 minutes

Caffeine: Approx. 27-35mg per cup




The history behind Margaret’s hope tea is a relatively short one. In fact the appellation for Margaret’s Hope tea actually comes from the name of the garden itself. 

Margaret’s hope was founded back in 1864 and is one of the first tea estates in Darjeeling. 

The fable for naming the Darjeeling tea state, Margaret’s Hope, has a little bit of a sad ending. 

Mr. Bagdon, who was the first to plant tea on the Bara Rington estate had a daughter called Margaret. Mr. Bagdon lived in London with his wife and two daughters but one day decided to bring them along on a visit to the magnificent tea garden. Magnificent it was as Margaret who was Mr. Bagdon’s youngest became struck with awe as she took in the natural beauty of the emerald green hills. 

It was not long after that the family returned back to England. Margaret was saddened to wave goodbye to the garden and hoped to see it again someday. 

Not long after the family settled back at home in England, Margaret, became sick with a lethal tropical disease and died. 

Mr. Bagdon grieved for a very long time and it is said that during his return trip back to the Garden he saw his Daughter’s ghost playing among the tea plants. He took this as a sign and from that day forth he changed the name of the tea garden from Bara Rington to Margaret’s hope. 


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