At Lovely Tea Teas we offer the highest grade of tea and are proud to say that the taste of our tea range is second to none.

We pride ourselves on three core values:

  • To provide high quality tea
  • To provide ethically sourced tea
  • To be eco friendly

The environment is being diminished at a fast rate and at Lovely Tea Teas this is something that we take very seriously. This means that action has been taken from day one to reduce our carbon footprint.

Here is what we are currently doing as a company:

We fill our loose tea in bio pouches which is made from 100% biodegradable plastic. This also includes a zipper made from environmentally friendly material giving our tea longer lasting freshness with minimal impact to the environment.

We only buy our tea from reputable suppliers that share similar values to us.

It is very important that the tea we offer to our customers is being ethically sourced from Tea Estates where the workers are treated fairly.

As a company we strongly believe that you should never compromise on taste and is why being ethical means that you do not miss out on these unique qualities.