Christmas Tea Market

November the 25th was the grand opening of the Christmas market and this year, Lovely Tea Teas took to streets to provide the local residents and people from afar with hot drinks to warm up the ol’ cockles. The weekend commencing the 25th was also the big turn on for the Christmas lights making the…


Mr Tea’s Iced Tea Recipes

Iced Tea Recipes For All Your Family and Friends to Enjoy This Summer! The warm vibes of the sunshine conjures summer flashbacks of BBQ’s, mown lawns, idyllic boat trips on the canal, pub gardens, beach walks and gentle snoozes on the hammock. All this hard work can make you thirsty for something cool and refreshing.…

Iced Tea

Mr Tea’s Iced Tea

When it’s cold it will warm you; when it’s hot it will cool you. We are at that time of year where our motivation gently slopes on a downward trend. The booze flows in the pub gardens, the shades are out and your next door neighbours cat is taking some downtime. To brighten the mood…

sugar in tea

Sugar in Tea

Sugar in tea could be making you fat so don’t ruin a good brew.  Sugar! The public enemy in disguise that has been the root of the largest health epidemic in the West. The S word has brought a simple joy to so many lives but at the expense of expanded waste lines, Type II…